Hello, my name is Richard Gray and I’ve been an Adventurer Kings fanatic since 1993. I’m now running free games for other fanatics as well as several new players. Due to misinterpretations of the rules, and perhaps somewhat due to mis-translations of the original rules from English to other languages, I’ve decided to create this site in order to exchange information, talk about strategies and rules interpretations.

I have added a FAQ section called “Ask a Question” where I will post the most interesting and informative questions. If you are interested in playing a game, please signup and contact me. All games are free and that is the way it will stay.

AdKings was developed by David Snell who was kind enough to allow me to run games in order to allow other rabid gamers a chance to enjoy one of the best turn-based games ever created. Although Dave no longer support AdKings, he hopes to one day create a board game version based his original PBEM game. Let us all hope that his wish to create a boardgame will come to fruition.

AK205 is ready to begin on the weekend of February 28th. This game is the Arcane’s Valor variant which is played on the large 30X15 map. The game already has 19 players signed up and I have room for 2 more players. if you’re interested please let me know by the weekend. Please see an an earlier posting for rules and game description.

-Richard Gray

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Hi Rick It seems that MC movement it not as simple as one could wish for. I have a situation from ak8 hosted by Andrea where a MC CC moves before I try to recruit it in phase 2. When I give him all information I get the following reply from host Andrea Vit. ">> As for the rules >> mercenaries can moves every phase from a province to >> another. >> U can know only where they can have moved at the end of ur >> turn >> report, but they can still move in the first, second, >> third, fourth,, >> or fifth phases of the next turn >> >> vit. If you wish more information please let me know. Maybe this question should not be posted on your website as it is. Best wishes, JoeSnoffy
Feb. 14, 2010 by JoeSnoffy, DK
This is an excellent question! :-) It is fairly simple. The only time that a merc army may move is per the following rules shown below. If no armies pass through the hex in which the merc army is located, and the merc army remains unhired, then the merc army will still be there for hire. There is always a percentage chance at the end of each gameturn that a merc army will move to a different hex. Mercenary armies do not move on their own. The only exception to this rule is that if a hero disbands armies during a gameturn and then attempts to rehire the armies in order to avoid a battle with an enemy, then there is a percentage chance that any or all of the disbanded armies could move to different hexes after the armies are disbanded. This chance also increases because merc armies tend to follow hero-led armies if they move thru the same hex.

[3.6] Disband army(s) (DI)
Releases the army(s) into mercenary status. A King may Disband any army at
any time. A character can Disband an army only if he is in the same province.
The disbanded army(s) will wander around as unemployed mercenaries until hired
by another character. To disband all armies led by the character, write
"(DI)sband All". If there are mecernary armies in a province when a general
passes through it, they may follow that general instead of staying behind.

[3.6] Wandering Mercenaries
If there are mercenary armies in a hex when a general passes
through it, they may follow that general instead of staying
This counteracts the sneaky trick of disbanding armies when
faced with attack, then rehiring them when the opposing general
has passed through the hex.

Hi Rick, Hope that you can help me with this straightforward question. Can you kill a Valhalla hero visiting an enemy king with Kill Enemy spell or is he immune? Best wishes, JoeSnoffy
Feb. 14, 2010 by JoeSnoffy, DK
Yes, you can kill a Valhallan using the same methods available for normal heroes.

Hi Rick, Just a quick question that I cannot find the answer to in the rulebook. When do mercenaries move if armies move through the province and if no armies are involved? Best wishes, JoeSnoffy
Feb. 10, 2010 by JoeSnoffy, DK
Mercenaries do not move when heroes leading armies thru a province, they remain where they are for that gameturn. However, if the "mercs" were disbanded during the same gameturn they have a percentage (unpublished) chance to move to a different hex in order to avoid a player strategy of disbanding armies to avoid a battle and then recruiting them during a later phase. Please note that mercs will tend to move towards neutral kingdoms. Otherwise, each merc army has a percentage chance to move at the beginning of each gameturn.

Hi Rick, Sorry to bother you once again with this MC question, but the MC CC was not disbanded the same turn, or any previously turn for that matter, and no army passed through, but it still moved before I tried to recruit it in phase two. The turn report told that it had moved. I have alwayes believed that the MC would move at the end of the turn, as players could otherwise try to recruit MC that could have moved. You say that "There is always a percentage chance at the end of each gameturn that a merc army will move to a different hex." Do you by any change mean that there is a percentage change every phase? If that is the case can you tell us (players) the percentage? Must be low as I have never before tried to recruit a MC that have moved in a previous phase that same turn. Best wishes, JoeSnoffy
Mar. 6, 2010 by JoeSnoffy, DK
Hi Thomas, the chance for mercs to move are supposed to be only at the end of the turn. Before this happened, I am not aware of hearing about a merc army moving during a gameturn except under the scenarios I metioned earlier. I do not know the percentage chance for mercs to move at the end of turns and they are not published or made available GMs. Therefore, I have no idea why the merc army moved and cannot do anything about it after the fact.

Hi Rick, Thank you for your most excellent explanation. I have to admit that I would have expected the mechanism to be just the opposite, so that heroes leading no armies, but performing a pursue or trail order would be hidden. Just to be sure that I really do understand I have a situation from a running game where in early winter one of my heroes are killed by a Kill enemy spell in one of my own provinces and also in early winter that same province gets invaded by an enemy army, which defeats my defending army. Only one enemy hero show up in the turn report. (The army commander) Since no other hero shows up in the turn report that player must have guessed where he should cast his Kill Enemy spell or the Kill Enemy spell must have been cast by a hero belonging to another player is that correct? Best wishes JoeSnoffy “HI Thomas, Yes, this is an easy question to answer and it would appear that you suspected the reasons why heroes may or may not appear at the battle. Any hero or king leading armies at a battle will show up in the turn report. Any heroes who performed a pursue or trail order any time during the gameturn will also show up as appearing at the battle but will not be leading armies. Any hero who moves into the hex in which the battle occurs who does not perform a trail or pursue order sometime during the gameturn will not show up in the turn report as being at the battle even though they are located in the same hex. This is the case for both the attacking and defending kingdoms. Please also note that any heroes who trailed or pursued during the gameturn and belong to the losing kingdom will retreat, but any other heroes who did not perform trail/pursue actions will remain in the hex after the armies retreated.”
Feb. 10, 2010 by JoeSnoffy, DK
Hi Thomas, You must also remember that other players may be casting clairvoyanes and/or perform spy actions themselves so that they may have seen some of your heroes even though your heroes performed spy actions. There is always a chance depending on the level of spy that he may be seen for a phase, which is all that it takes for an enemy to know, or make a good educated guess where your hero may be located. I agree, that it does not make sense that a hero who performed a spy action would appear at a battle, but other heroes do not. I am certain that there was some good reasons why the game developer made this happen.

Hi Rick. I created the Games Online Directory and already added your site to my RPG list of links and I wondered if you would consider a link exchange somewhere on your own site. Regards.. Webmaster of http://www.gamesonlinedirectory.com
Jun. 24, 2011 by Nick
sorry for the late reply, but yes I can add a link. Do you have a Banner that I could add? Please contact me directly at methusalah(a)sympatico.ca.

Hi Rick. I had a wish from a dragon and asked for " Excalibur" in Phase 1 of turn 2. Somehow i got another item instead. Why is that? Is it because Excalibur is already given to someone else? Cheers.
Mar. 23, 2010
Hi Dennis, You will not always receive what you wish for. if you did, then everyone would be wishing for all of the best magic items. Sometimes you will get what you wish for, but most often you will either receive nothing or a totally different magic item.

Is there a game starting soon? I would like to be able to play one of my favorite games again.
Dec. 5, 2011 by Philip Barker, Minnesota
Please contact Jonck at adventurerkings(a)gmail.com and he will tell you how to create an account and signup for a new game. Happy Gaming! -Rick

Longtime fan and I want to play, big time. Please Jonck at adventurerkings(a)gmail.com and he will tell you how to signup for a new game. Happy Gaming! -Rick
Jan. 27, 2012 by Trey Stone, South Korea
Yes, there are several games currently running. Please contact Jonck at

My first online AK game just finished, #201, and I see that points were only awarded for the top eight offices and for major magic items. I seem to remember from my snail mail AK days that points were also awarded for other minor offices. Is that not the case?
Sep. 25, 2012 by Philip Barker, Minnesota
Hi Philip, that is the case only for Super AK games. For regular ak games the minor offices do not receive points.

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